Hydroseeding FAQs

What is hydroseed?

Hydroseeding is when we combine paper or wood mulch, grass seed, fertilizer, tackifier (bonding agent), and water into a large tank. These materials are mixed together to form a slurry that we spray onto your prepared soil.

How fast does hydroseeding grow?

You will begin to see blades of grass emerge from the soil in 7-10 days. At the 4 to 5 weeks stage the grass is 3 to 4 inches tall, and ready for its first mowing with the deck set high. The grass is then to be mowed each week thereafter. At 7 to 8 weeks the grass is completely established and ready for any type of activity. (Results vary depending on weather, soil and prep quality, and watering schedule.)

What type of grass seed is used in hydroseeding?

Any type of seed can be used. All Cape Hydroseed uses a carefully selected combination of Sun & Shade Park Seed Mix and Double Eagle Blend. We offer upgrades of seed selection if desired a different seed variety. A customer can provide their own seed and we can offer a discount on the job for doing so.

How much should I water my hydroseeded lawn?

Initially water is essential to the development of a strong root system in your hydroseeded lawn. Newly hydroseeded lawns should be watered as much as 2 times a day. Once in the morning and once in the early evening. You do not want the newly hydroseeded lawn wet overnight. Special care should be taken to ensure that the lawn is NOT saturated during watering and puddles DO NOT form on the lawn. The goal is to have a consistently moist area for the best germination.

Can I walk on the hydroseed once it is applied?

Only as much as is absolutely necessary. Heavy traffic on a newly seeded lawn can permanently damage the new grass. Walking on a freshly hydroseeded lawn can leave depressions in the lawn and in some cases cause bare spots to form.

Is hydroseeding better than sod?

Having your lawn sodded will give you a picture-perfect lawn in as little as one day. Hydroseeding may take a few weeks to see your lawn fully develop. Hydroseeding is also 60%-75% less expensive than the costly application of sod. As to which lawn looks better, aftercare and attention to your investment will ultimately determine what your results are with either choice. In the long term a seeded lawn will be more hearty/resilient. Seed is suspended in a slurry, or environment, that is perfect for seed germination. The seed contracting the water in the hydro seeder begins the germination cycle. Mulch seals in the moisture, creating a greenhouse effect, while the soil is held in place and the seed is at the correct depth for growth.

What is the best time of year to have my lawn hydroseeded?

The spring and fall months are the most conducive to growing any type of vegetation, however we seed all summer long with great results.

What will it look like afterwards?

Hydroseeding will produce a pleasant, green appearance. This comes from the mulch in the hydroseeding mixture. Grass will begin to appear in 5 to 7 days depending on the moisture and temperature of the soil. Typically, a lawn should be ready to mow in a few weeks.

Where is the application of hydroseeding best used?

Whether you have hillsides, a residential lot, several acres (or more), need an old lawn replaced, a roadside, have an erosion control project, a sports field, golf course, utility trench line, construction restoration site, a park, a school yard, a cemetery or any type of site restoration.